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This site aims to advance truly free speech, encourage debate and promote political actions. Whitewash will consider publishing all your views, ideas, and theories whether or not we personally agree with them. We operate under the belief that all theories can be strengthened through rigorous debate and the continual scrutiny of a political position. Correct theories can only be enhanced by this process, whilst arguments shown to be weak are revised, clarified and corrected.

Due to our own prejudice we will be biased towards articles that promote or consider anarchist and left wing ideologies and actions, groups, campaigns or movements. Those articles that simply repeat ground already covered without adding anything new or significant, or those articles that are simply abusive, without clarity or justification will be overlooked.

Website management (for want of a better word) can take a great deal of time and resources. Whitewash aims to be seen as a chance to promote and discuss your ideas or planned actions without diverting your energies into site building. For those who already have a site up and running, Whitewash can be used as a promotional tool as your site can be added to the Links Page.

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